Energy Work

Connect Within, Create Ease, Transform, Heal.


"Healing happens to those who seek it"

Reiki comes from the Japanese word "Rei" which means "Universal Life" and "ki" which means "Energy". Energy is the life force that runs through all living things. When our energy is brought into balance it can bring our other areas of life into balance as well, including relationships, health, stress and emotions.

Each Reiki session helps support the body to facilitate an environment for healing on all levels - mental, physical and emotional. As a Reiki Master, I facilitate the transfer of universal life force energy to support healing.

REIKI Pricing

Each Reiki session aims to balance your energy, remove emotional blocks and help you stay more positive and upbeat.

30 minutes

$ 50

45 Minutes

$ 65

1 Hour

$ 85

Meditation Guidance

Feel more relaxed, sleep better and discover clarity and calm with a guided meditation. Together we will explore proven strategies for reducing anxiety and stress. Through our session we will work towards settling an overwhelmed or overactive mind, and finding a sense of peace, whenever and wherever you are.